01. Principal's Profile 校長簡介

楊文德博士 (Dr Yeung Man-tak)
Dr. Yeung was born in Hong Kong. He has over 20 years of valuable experience in the field of education. The substantial experience in different departments and committees in secondary school over the past 23 years are so precious in enriching his leadership skills. Being positive, visionary and committed, he lead and work harmoniously with his professional staff to provide a caring environment for students and to enable students' comprehensive and wholesome development in the moral, intellectual, social, aesthetic and physical aspects.  Ultimately, the goal of “all-round development” is pursued. “Lifelong learning” is a virtue cherished by him.

Teaching and Administrative Experience

  • 首席學位教師(副校長)
    Principal Graduate Master (Vice-principal )
  • 高級學位教師 
    Senior Graduate Master
  • 學位教師
    Graduate Master


Education and Certifications

  • 教育管理博士學位 
    Doctor of Education in Educational Management
  • 教育碩士學位
    Master of Education
  • 校長資格認證
    Certification for Principalship
  • 電子計算學理學碩士學位
    Master of Science in Computing ( with Credit )
  • 理學士學位(榮譽,甲等) 
    Bachelor of Science (with honours, First Class)


Professional Training

  • 照顧不同學習需要高級班證書
    Advanced Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs
  • 清華大學國情研習課程
  • 照顧不同學習需要基礎班證書
    Basic Course on Catering for Diverse Learning Needs
  • 學位教師教育文憑
    Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  • 教師資訊科技能力(高級)Professional Development Programme for Teacher Leaders, (AIT) Advanced Level of IT competency


Professional Affiliations

  • 團結香港基金中華學社中華歷史文化教育顧問
  • 教育局教育質素保證校外評核外間評核人員
    External Reviewer (ER), External School Review, EDB
  • 香港新一代文化協會董事
    Director, Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association
  • 優質教育基金外聘監察員
    External Reviewer, QEF
  • 香港學校訓輔人員協會會員 
    Member, The Hong Kong Association for School Discipline and Counselling Teachers
  • 荃灣官立小學 學校管理委員會獨立校董 
    Member, School Management Committee of Tsuen Wan Government Primary School
  • 香港中學校長會會員 
    Member, Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools
  • 香港考試及評核局香港中學文憑試閱卷員
    Marker of Hong Kong Diploma of Education, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
  • 香港考試及評核局香港高級程度會考閱卷員
    Marker of Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
  • 資訊科技教育領袖協會會員
    Member, Association of I.T. Leaders in Education



  • Microsoft 卓越教師 2013 
    Microsoft Valued Teacher 2013
  • 香港浸會大學 學業成績優異獎
    Award of Merit, Academic Prize Award 2009-2010, HKBU
  • 香港浸會大學 鯉魚門海濱學校獎學金
    Lei Yue Mun Hoi Bun School Scholarship 2010, HKBU
  • 香港理工大學 傑出領袖獎 2001
    The Programme Leader's Award 2001, HKPU
  • 香港中文大學 學業成績優異獎 1994
    Dean List of Outstanding Academic Performance 1994, CUHK
  • 香港中文大學 林毅伯均衡教育紀念獎學金 
    N.P. Lam Memorial Scholarship for Balanced Education 1993/94, CUHK
  • 香港中文大學 學業成績優異獎 1993
    Dean List of Outstanding Academic Performance 1993, CUHK
  • 香港中文大學 學業成績優異獎 1991
    Dean List of Outstanding Academic Performance 1991, CUHK